Why PNC Capital Advisors

Firm Overview

PNC Capital Advisors, LLC is a $53.1 billion*, multi-boutique asset manager offering domestic and international equity, fixed-income, and tax-exempt strategies to institutional investors. We embrace the value of diverse investment approaches and the critical importance of investment team culture. Our six investment teams – located in five different cities – operate independently, which enables our analysts and portfolio managers to focus on what they do best. We leverage central resources in Compliance, Risk Management, Operations, Business Administration, and Marketing to create scale for the business and support for our investment teams.

Our dedicated team of specialized professionals is focused on understanding and serving our investors. Each investment team has long average industry tenure, deep market knowledge, and the confidence that comes from the core values and strength of our parent company.

Our value proposition is based on understanding your organization, learning your priorities, and your operating style. We are dedicated to meeting these responsibilities and ensuring the optimal fit between your needs and the strategies and services of PNC Capital Advisors. We deliver this through:
  • Specialized Investment Capabilities
  • A Personalized Approach
  • Actionable Insight
  • A Focus on Flawless Execution

* as of 9/30/19

Risk Management

PNC Capital Advisors promotes and fosters a strong culture of risk management at every level within the firm:
  • Investment – Economic and market exposures
  • Operational – People and processes
  • Legal/Regulatory – Partners with Compliance, Legal and Audit teams 
The goal of our risk management team is to provide a consistent and unbiased framework for analyzing and balancing risk in our clients’ portfolios. In doing so, we work with the portfolio management teams to monitor and review the risk profile of their respective investment strategies.

In addition to investment performance, we believe risk management is a critically important component for our investment portfolios. Performance must be balanced with the appropriate risk controls. Our portfolio managers adhere to a consistent, disciplined investment style coupled with a specific risk management process to optimize performance for our clients. Within each investment mandate, each portfolio team is responsible for its own investment process, strategy, and tailored risk controls. The risk management group works to ensure that mandate-specific and firm-wide aggregate risk exposures are appropriate.

While the risk management team operates independently of the portfolio management teams, interaction between the teams is an ongoing process. Risk management and representatives from each investment management team meet frequently on both a formal and informal basis to discuss consistency within mandates, current economic and capital market themes, interest rate and yield spread movements, and sector allocations. Risk management team members are embedded on all firm investment and operational governance committees.

We view risk management as an integral and continual process that offers benefits and insights for our firm and our clients.

Our People

PNC Capital Advisors has created an organizational environment in which individuals are committed to and passionate about delivering competitive performance and unmatched service. We strive to attract, retain, and motivate the best talent through a culture of empowerment, teamwork, and performance-based reward. Our people are dedicated to ensuring that decisions always are aligned with the interests of our clients. They have entrusted us with enormous responsibility, and we are committed to delivering what we promise.

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