Multi-Asset Balanced


The management team employs a disciplined top-down approach to asset allocation.


Benchmark: 60/40 hybrid (S&P 500 Index & Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index)

The Multi-Asset Balanced Allocation strategy applies a blended investment style and invests in a diversified portfolio of common stocks, investment grade fixed income securities and cash equivalents with varying asset allocations depending on our assessment of market conditions.

Generally, we will invest 45% to 75% in equity securities, such as common stocks and convertible securities, 25% to 55% in investment grade fixed income securities, such as corporate bonds, U.S. government and agency securities, mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities, and up to 30% of its net assets in cash, cash equivalent, or other types of short-term money market instruments. The Fund may invest in companies with stock market capitalizations of at least $100 million. The dollar-weighted average maturity of the fixed income allocation is normally expected to range from four to 12 years, but may vary in response to market conditions.

The equity strategies may use derivatives as a substitute for taking a position in an underlying asset, to increase returns, to manage risk, or as a part of a hedging strategy. Although we may invest in derivatives of any kind, we generally use futures contracts and option on futures contracts for the purpose of managing exposure to the securities markets or to movements in interest rates or currency values.


PNC Balanced Allocation Fund (I shares)