Core Plus Fixed Income


We believe that active sector rotation combined with disciplined risk management results in consistent, value-added returns.

  • Team-driven strategy and execution 
  • Opportunistic to provide competitive returns 
  • Manage downside risk
  • Maintain strategic intent of portfolio to meet client needs 


Large Cap Value Chart

Benchmark: Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index

Our Core Plus fixed income strategy follows a team-oriented, disciplined, top-down investment process. We formulate a market outlook to derive yield curve positioning and duration targets. Integrating our market outlook, we determine sector weightings based on relative value and the sector and subsector outlook. Within each sector, we conduct extensive analysis on each security, including fundamental and structural analysis, examining relative valuation, and dissecting the risk/reward profile. Our risk management framework focuses on a verification of strategic intent. Areas of emphasis include sector and subsector weights, selecting securities in support of the portfolio risk/reward profile, and managing duration and yield curve positioning in support of our investment process.