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Economic & Market Review, Second Quarter 2018

Municipal Commentary, Second Quarter 2018

Fixed Income Commentary, Second Quarter 2018


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Behavioral Finance and Multi-Factor Investing

In this brief commentary, the Advantage Equity team discusses the importance of maintaining an awareness of behavioral biases in investing and how that awareness influences one of the core tenets of their philosophy and process - namely, the discipline instilled by their multi-factor model.

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State Bailouts of Distressed Localities Present Challenges to Municipal Market

In March, the financially distressed City of Hartford, Connecticut inked a deal with the state allowing it to effectively transfer a debt burden of $550 million to state tax payers. If this development establishes a precedent for other distressed local governments across the country, significant challenges may arise for municipal market participants.

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What Does it Mean for the Municipal Bond Market?

Several key provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which became law in December 2017, are expected to have a direct impact on the municipal bond market. The Municipal Fixed Income team discusses the law’s possible effects on valuations, credit quality, and investor behavior.

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